The perfectly refined after-dinner decadence to be paired with a glass of wine, cognac, brandy, scotch.  What's your pleasure?  Each hand-painted a unique color, these custom designed truffles are true works of art. Creamy ganache fillings enrobed in Dark, Milk or White Chocolate. Flavored centers include: Raspberry, Amaretto, Orange and Cardamom & Black Pepper.

"A Customer favorite!"



The ultimate height of dessert sophistication comes in the form of a chocolate ball wrapped in a mysterious conception. As the legend goes, chocolate truffles were created in 1920 by an apprentice of the French culinary mastermind Auguste Escoffier.  Supposedly, his apprentice was attempting a pastry cream when he accidentally poured the hot cream into a bowl of chocolate chunks instead of the bowl of sugared egg as he was intending.  Much to his relief, the chocolate and cream could be molded into a chocolate paste after it hardened, and he was able to form a bumpy, lopsided ball with his hands. As he examined his mistaken creation, he suddenly found that there was a resemblance to the luxurious truffles of the French Périgord region, and thus he called them truffles. As time went on, truffles have evolved as new textures have been created by covering the ganache center in sugar or chopped nuts or by infusing the ganache with Champagne and liqueurs. And thus, the creation of the sexiest and most luxurious chocolate dessert in the world.