Exquisite chocolate starts with exquisite ingredients. 

Our decadent chocolates are sculpted of the finest ingredients in the world, because only the best will do. Each aspect of our custom delicacies, including the chocolate, spices, and fruit, is selected for exclusive and impeccably superb quality. 

We work with exquisite chocolates within a certain genre of viscosity. Chocolate viscosity is classified by thickness, creaminess, and the motion of the chocolate when it’s melted. From milk to dark, our chocolate is top-grade, truly sophisticated, and unlike most American chocolates, we don’t ever add wax.

Milk Chocolate Contains 38.5% cocoa butter and is sweeter due to the amount of sugar in the mixture.

Dark Chocolate While it is classified as a dark chocolate by American standards, in the sophisticated chocolate world our dark chocolate option is really a semi-sweet chocolate with 54.5% cocoa butter.

Velerona Chocolate With a different taste and texture, our true dark chocolate is the velerona chocolate, which is an expensive and immersive 75.5% mixture.

Ganache is a precise blend of fine chocolate, cream, and butter that is rolled in cocoa powder and sugar to make a truffle or for chocolate filling. The perfect ganache is infused with a flavor that speaks to the chocolatier. Much like a painter needs the right paint, a fine chocolate needs the perfect flavorings to pair with the chocolate. Ganache fillings is not a science; It’s an art.

Raspberries are a main feature of indulgent and decadent desserts, as they are a perfect blend of sweet with a sour undertone that gorgeously blends with the pureness of the chocolate bitter.

Orange is a staple pairing with chocolate because the sweet, light citrus pops against the chocolates and creates an exotic balance of freshness and strength. 

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur that provides a delicate juxtaposition to the bitterness of chocolate with a sweet, almond flavor that lightens the tone of the dessert.

Cardamom and Black Pepper provide a sexy boldness to chocolate with aromatic spice and citrusy character that create an overall air of exotic elegance.

Mint is a refreshing flavor addition that perfectly heightens the caliber of fine chocolate.

Caramels are most exquisite when starting with slow kettle cooking. Hand-picked vanilla beans enrobed in dark or milk chocolate is finished with our exclusive blends of flavors and are the height of sophistication.

It's our great pleasure to form an elite partnership with "Dashfire Bitters", made locally here in the Twin Cities to create our exquisite COCOA PODS. Bitters are flavored extracts made by infusing alcohol with natural ingredients including herbs, berries, roots, and flowers. Today, bitters are a symbol of nostalgic refinement, a familiar yet unique decadent twist of flavor that elevates cuisine.

Lime/Ginger: Our Creamiest White Chocolate Ganache filling infused with Dashfire Lime Bitters and bits of warm Ginger. Enrobed in Milk Chocolate, this option is a refined blend of sophisticated flavor. 

Cinnamon: Dark Chocolate ganache filling infused with Dashfire Cinnamon Bitters bring a zing to the exquisite chocolate experience. 

Bitter Orange: Dark Chocolate ganache filling infused with Dashfire Orange Bitters highlight the elegance of lightweight citrus. 

Ancient Chinese Secret: Dark Chocolate ganache filling infused's a Secret you'll want to have and share! Infused with Dashfire "Chinese Secret" Bitters, this luxurious combination is sure to astonish.