Creamy ganache fillings enrobed in Dark, Milk or White Chocolate with decadent flavored centers include: Raspberry, Amaretto, Orange and Cardamom & Black Pepper. An elegant treat perfect as a gift or to savor at your next event.



Chocolate is a delicacy that dates back to the Ancient Olmec. The pods of cacao trees are the heart of fine chocolate as they each have 35-40 beans that can be dried and roasted to create cocoa beans. Cocoa beans were used by Mayans to finalize important transactions and mark celebrations, while the Aztecs used cacao as currency and it was primarily an upper-class extravagance. When chocolate was first introduced to Europe, it was an indulgence that only the wealthiest of the court could afford. In 1876, Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter created Milk Chocolate as he began adding dried milk powder to chocolate. Yet still, the decadent, silky, extravagant chocolates we love today weren’t available until after the invention of the conch machine by Swiss chocolatier Rudolf Lindt, who revolutionized the world of chocolate with a new, smooth consistency. SWANGK uses only the highest-quality ingredients for the creation of superb chocolates. Every ingredient is hand selected, specially ordered, and the perfect tool to create the SWANGK chocolate masterpieces you’ll love.

Ganache is a precise blend of fine chocolate, cream, and butter that is rolled in cocoa powder and sugar to make a truffle or for chocolate filling. Made with dark, milk, or white chocolate, ganache can be infused with any flavor that the chocolatier feels inspired to create. These flavored centers are the exotic twists to enhance the chocolate, sensationalize the palate, and are the perfect “accent color” for a chocolate masterpiece.

The perfect ganache is infused with a flavor that speaks to the chocolatier. Much like a painter needs the right paint, a fine chocolate needs the perfect flavorings to pair with the chocolate. Ganache fillings is not a science; It’s an art.

Raspberries are a main feature of indulgent and decadent desserts, as they are a perfect blend of sweet with a sour undertone that gorgeously blends with the pureness of the chocolate bitter.

Orange is a staple pairing with chocolate because the sweet, light citrus pops against the chocolates and creates an exotic balance of freshness and strength.  

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur that provides a delicate juxtaposition to the bitterness of chocolate with a sweet, almond flavor that lightens the tone of the dessert.

Cardamom and Black Pepper provide a sexy boldness to chocolate with aromatic spice and citrusy character that create an overall air of exotic elegance.