Our newest exclusive creation!  Galactic design with customized special flavor is an out-of-this-world experience of texture and flavor blends that are just "Heavenly".  The eye-catching brilliance of these beauties will keep your guests awestruck and asking..."is it real chocolate, can we really eat it?" They will remember.

Available in: 

"Razzle Me" - Layers of ganache and black raspberry gelee are a perfect blend of decadent flavor

"Orange U Great" - Dark Chocolate Ganache infused with orange essence combine light citrus with the richness of elite chocolate

"70% Double Mint Crunch" - Mint infused Dark Chocolate Ganache with bits of mint crunch create a refreshing chocolate experience




The Aztecs believed that cacao was sent from the gods. They often used cacao beans as currency and the beans were considered to be more valuable than gold. The truth is, superb chocolate is still a hallmark of luxurious lifestyles and a symbol of elite prestige. A combination of perfected texture and balanced flavor is an art that can produce magnificent results. With tart black raspberry gelee, smooth, citrus orange ganache, and dark, refreshing mint, the possibilities are endless. Truly exquisite chocolate should be an out-of-this-world experience, and eating it should feel like you went straight to heaven.