It's our great pleasure to collaborate with "Dashfire Bitters", made locally here in the Twin Cities.
In this elite partnership, we've created our exquisite COCOA PODS, the perfect after-dinner delicacy to savor and share with guests.
Each pod is hand-painted for unique and custom color variation. Choose from:

Lime/Ginger: Our Creamiest White Chocolate Ganache filling infused with Dashfire Lime Bitters and bits of warm Ginger. Enrobed in Milk Chocolate, this option is a refined blend of sophisticated flavor. 

Cinnamon: Dark Chocolate ganache filling infused with Dashfire Cinnamon Bitters bring a zing to the exquisite chocolate experience. 

Bitter Orange: Dark Chocolate ganache filling infused with Dashfire Orange Bitters highlight the elegance of lightweight citrus. 

Ancient Chinese Secret: Dark Chocolate ganache filling infused's a Secret you'll want to have and share! Infused with Dashfire "Chinese Secret" Bitters, this luxurious combination is sure to astonish. 



Originally a staple of the apothecary, bitters are flavored extracts made by infusing alcohol with natural ingredients including herbs, berries, roots, and flowers. While these liquids were used for centuries as a medical tonic, bartenders in the 1800’s soon realized that these highly concentrated liquids could be added in small quantities to drinks as flavoring agents, and thus the golden age of cocktails was born. Today, bitters are a symbol of nostalgic refinement, a familiar yet unique decadent twist of flavor that elevates cuisine. Alongside cocktails, bitters are used as infusers in elite desserts such as ice-cream, heavy whipping cream, and, of course, exquisite chocolates.